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Virtual literacy is instrument of cognition

Human culture is all the knowledge and works of art that great-grandfathers, grandfathers and fathers transmit their children and grandchildren. So that they, in turn, adding to them new knowledge and works of art, passed to them to their children and grandchildren. That is this is the flow of information from the past to the future, and if this flow will not be in demand and will not be passed on farther, the flow just runs out, and future generations will be left without culture. Europe already so once lost its the Great Antique culture, and Russia, under the pressure of Greek written, its the Ancient Slavic culture.

The first manifestations of the virtual information system, a kind of is her cave painting, became telephone, radio and television. With their appearance, in the history of mankind began the "Great Cultural Degradation", when each new generation denied an increasing number of works of old, classical art, replacing them with its own surrogates. What not only impoverishes the culture of this generation, demanding much less mental work and imagination from it, but gradually reducing And the common spiritual environment of all mankind.

But if in 20, 50, or 70 years of the 20th century writing, albeit pushed back from its pedestal, still remained the dominant information system. Only the spheres of its influence on man were reduced. Today, the virtual information system dominates, therefore in the young people have, the process of denying the art of their fathers passed into the stage of his full rejection, already without any substitution, even by surrogates. As a consequence, there is nothing in their heads and souls. There are no nor signs of a new one, nor a traces of old art.

Without art cannot bring up decent person.

Without art human is just a thinking brute.

And today, tuition virtual literacy is the only alternative to the disappearance of a civilized human already in this century. But here it is very important to understand, that virtual literacy is a person's training in the skills of using a new, virtual information system, and not simply studying computer science, as yet another school subject, the same, as eg history or geography.

History and geography are areas of human knowledge, and literacy is the tool to gain this knowledge. For to study the geography and history, the writing has created: maps, drawings, photographs and descriptions. Without them, it would be impossible, not only to study, but even to understand, that such sciences exist.

Information systems are a basis of a learning human, without what, him is absolutely not available none knowledge. Moreover, a written system gives a person tools and skills for cognition and creativity, not available those, who can only speak. Because no matter, how much intelligent a human was born, the last five centuries, he was considered a illiterate fool, if could not read and write.

Today, a new, virtual information system affords people tools and skills for cognition and creativity, that are not accessible for them, if they own only spoken and written systems.

Without the knowledge of virtual literacy, a person will not be able to comprehend new knowledge and create new works of art, which thanks to the virtual information system have now become available to him.

Besides common for all written literacy, there is a specific professional written system of mathematicians, chemists, musicians. Besides common for all a ability to speak, there is a professional jargon of the same mathematicians, chemists or musicians. Exactly the knowledge of the professional language and writing that makes people specialists in this or that field of human activity. But before learning the jargon of mathematicians, a person must first learn how to simply speak, to master a common for all people speech. Before learning the written system of mathematicians, one has to learn how to simply write and read, to master common for all people a written skills. Similar, before starting to learn new virtual tools communication of mathematicians, a person must master a common for all people virtual literacy.

Children are taught to listen and speak, read and write, regardless of who they will become in adult life: scientists or workers, musicians or acrobats. And if humanity understands that to live a full life is impossible without speech and writing, now he needs to understand that a full life is impossible still and without virtual literacy.

Literacy is not knowledge, but an instrument of cognition!

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