Virtual Literacy

Experentia est optima magistra
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Using the Virtual Information System in Practice

In the development of a new living space, practices always go ahead of scientists. To do, and only then to think - the main feature of the behavior of the majority of people who lived earlier and who live on the Earth now. But the greatest success is achieved by those of them who, albeit belatedly, begin to ask and learn from the sages, thereby stimulating the latter to seek and find a way for to succeed.

Without studying someone else's experience, a person can not create a good farm or a real website. Today, website owners must begin to learn how to manage their virtual economy rationally. But unfortunately, people usually learn only from their mistakes.

Padishah Gosha and king Yasha
User's desktop
Virtual property
Yandex College
Mongolian brothel in Paris
Virtual scientific devices
Fairy tale computer games
Examples of usefulness of virtual literacy
Criminal professions of users
User, like a slave, has a price
Seven different type email of user
First need to determine and find your country in Virtual World
Modern virtual currencies
Difference between a website and a magazine posted on Internet
Each user must be provided with his own version of your website
Science to manage the users of your website
In virtual world citizen is only proprietor
Website cannot be bought, it can only be done
Four basic user skill

Friends instead neighbors

Virtual slavery of users

Yandex College

Human being knowledgeable

Intelligence quotient

Virtual textbook

Museums of books

Virtual private property

Information usefulness threshold

Stages of Development

Training in virtual literacy

Knowledge sharing systems

The main instrument of cognition

Scribes and programmers

User's desktop

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