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Imagine that you are a Pythagoras, and before you sits a young Nikolai Lobachevsky. And now try, without using a pencil and paper, explain to him your famous theorem.

Even genius abilities for mathematics, without the use of writing, will not be enough, to understand what the sum of the areas of the two catheti equals of the areas hypotenuse.

And although all current mathematicians, physicists, chemists or biologists, on their desktop, have computers, they use them as writing accessories, not creating, with their help, any virtual information.

  • Where is the virtual model of synchrophasotron?
  • Where is the virtual table of chemical elements?

The older generation of scientists can only build large colliders, and they will not do anything, to create virtual analogues of their scientific devices.

The Large Hadron Collider is available to few, and in this the number of the elect, not necessarily the best ones have got. But that's not the point. The experiment, on the real collider, lasts a long time and is very expensive. To change its design and operating parameters even more expensive and longer. The virtual Collider would not have these shortcomings, and would be accessible to every scientist.

The creation of virtual analogs of any modern scientific devices, is possible right now, because they are all created on the basis of the laws of physics described in the language of mathematics. Such a replacement of real devices with virtual has already long occurred, for example, in the field of sound processing.

Therefore, the main slogans of the moment:

  • Give each physicist a virtual collider!
  • Long live virtual scientific devices!
    (behind which tomorrow will sit children who play today in video games)

In our time, virtual literacy, as in its time, the writing to the Pythagoras, will allow mankind to make scientific discoveries that are absolutely not available to him without it.

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