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The authors of the website will be very grateful to the volunteers, wishing to make a literary translation into English an interlinear translation, which posted on website at the moment!

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Virtual literacy
Video lectures of "Basics virtual literacy" project will allow any person who knows how listen and read, acquire a new skill - the ability to use the knowledge of a virtual information system.
Virtual textbook on physics for 6th grade
Studying physics in a virtual textbook (as in computer games, in the image of which it is created), every schoolboy will pass through all levels of knowledge (the textbook topics), solve all tasks, understand all the teaching material and will remember it on all life.
Virtual grandfather for grandchildren 3-5 years old
A small child gets most of the knowledge, playing with toys, other children and adults. A virtual grandfather will give him the opportunity to play ordinary toys together with the most gay, kind, intelligent and tireless grandfather.

Independently, the authors of the website will be able to prepare 200 video lectures for publication on the pages of this website in about 40 years. To carry out this work for 2-3 years, it is necessary to attract 25-30 professionals on a contractual basis.

In addition to this website, its authors with a small group of enthusiasts, have started creating a virtual textbook on physics for the 6th grade.

Physics is chosen for the first virtual textbook, because both the content of the teaching material, and the relative simplicity of creating interactive illustrations for it, will solve a huge number of problems associated with the new form of submitting educational material in a shorter period than when working on Virtual textbooks on other school subjects.

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