Virtual Literacy

Ignorantia stultitia peius
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Historical aspects of the emergence and development of information systems of mankind

Today, the Virtual Information System and the Virtual Information Space created by it are the most unknown and incomprehensible phenomena in the world around us. Now we need researchers and thinkers who are willing and able to describe the structure of the Virtual Information Space and explain the laws of its existence and prospects for development. Today this is not so much a problem of the development of science as a question of the fate of civilization on Earth. Mankind must finally understand that without the training of virtual literacy, no meaningful and effective, and most importantly safe for him practical activity is impossible.

The experience of using the Virtual Information System is already large enough that mankind can comprehend it and turn it into knowledge.

Homo scire
Virtual literacy
Google and Yandex as interlocutors
Globe of Virtual World
Information usefulness threshold
Main instrument of cognition
Hut for reading of digital age
Computer game instead of cinema and books
Crisis of modern sciences consequence crisis of writing
Egyptian pyramids of Virtual World
Why user does not read books
We read in order, we use from any place
Virtual Information Space
Dostoevsky for idiot
Simple example of MAS type 1
Complex example of MAS type 1
Ingenious example of MAS type 1
Simple example of MAS type 2

Friends instead neighbors

Virtual slavery of users

Yandex College

Human being knowledgeable

Intelligence quotient

Virtual textbook

Museums of books

Virtual private property

Information usefulness threshold

Stages of Development

Training in virtual literacy

Knowledge sharing systems

The main instrument of cognition

Scribes and programmers

User's desktop

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