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Everything, that exists today in the Virtual World, can be found an analogues in Ancient Athens.

In those days, were considered to be free, only those, who and at home and at work, did not fulfill any orders, there did not have boss over them. Neither a office plankton, nor a bureaucrat, Ancient Greeks did not allow, to vote on the Agora, and did not take warriors into the phalanx.

The main condition of democracy is not equality, and personal freedom of all citizens. Equality is not achievable, because all people are different, and freedom is when a person does not depend on the arbitrariness of the chief.

Most contemporaries of Instagram and Twitter think, that slaves are those, who bend their backs under the whip's blows on the plantations. And if their do not beat with a whip, and do not drive on a harvest, then they are not slaves. Alas, this is a fallacy. In Ancient Athens slaves were pedagogues in children, rented craft workshops and held all positions in the city police.

The difference between a slave and a worker is an attitude toward their fate of the rest of society. The life of a slave depends on the whim of the slave-owner, the life of the worker is determined by the laws of the country, adopted by the whole society.

Laws in a democratic society should guarantee a person, regardless of his mind, strength and abilities, that no one can force him to any activity, without contract with him, on the same terms as with the strongest and smartest.

A resident of a small village, on an island in the Aegean Sea, settling in Athens, turned into a metic, and lost his civil freedom. But what for him was this freedom on his native island? In the daytime it's to fish in the sea, and at night to stand in patrol, waiting for a pirate raid. In Athens, peace and tranquility, around the city - high walls, do not need to stand in patrol, there is a market and an amphitheater. Have built, all this, the Athenian citizens. For the metic, all this was free of charge, and the fee, for this well-being, his civil freedom.

History always repeats, now in the Virtual World. Today we are all metics or slaves, but now not in Athens, and on the Internet, everything here for us for free, it's not necessary to do anything your hands. Went in, and look at drawings, or someone else's photos. Or go to social networks, it's like a market in Athens. Here can walk everywhere, stare around, and collect gossip. Everyone is called friends here, and not slaves. And force not to pick olives in the field, and to put likes, and they do it gently, and without violence. But, of course, under strict supervision. And if anyone disagree with anything, or behaves not as it should, it will be immediately punished. So that others do not even think about doing it.

Since here everything is for us for free, go to, my friend, put a likes!

For everything that a person receives free of charge, he pay his freedom!

Alas, but most of the contemporaries, hitting in the virtual world, the loss of their freedom not even feel it. Such trifle. After all, in the real world, freedom went to them by gift, from grandfathers and great-grandfather by inheritance.

Neither women nor children, neither weak nor fools, whose rights in the real world are protected by law, in the virtual world nobody protects. The here is not, neither of the Athenian, nor even of Soviet democracy, and no laws not limit the arbitrariness of strong and cunning.

The driving force of the history of humankind is the struggle to turn a powerless slave into a worker protected by law. Where historical events - are external wars for the purpose of enslavement, or civil wars for the freedom, rights and laws.

It is hoped that on the Internet, this same the driving force, will launch the same history!

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