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While on the website only written and oral announcements of lectures are published. All of them, one way or another, is motivation for studying the virtual literacy.

Human being knowledgeable (Homo scire)

A human is reasonable just as much as he uses own brain, but for this in memory human, as and in memory of computer, knowledge must first be loaded.

Virtual literacy

To teach a person to listen, he is taught to speak. To teach a person to read, he must be taught to write. Can not be obtained virtual information not learning how to create virtual information.

Knowledge sharing systems

The ability to speak unite the human families in the camp of primitive people. Writing system turned the camp of primitive people into city-State. In the late 20th century era of writing system is ended. In the 21st century started the digital era in which the dominant means of communication has become a virtual information system.

Information usefulness threshold

The information usefulness threshold can not be too low, otherwise the information will be boring, but he can not be and too high, because in this case the person will not be able to overcome it.

Two stages of development of information system

The ability to speak made Cro-Magnon first among animals, poetry made a man out of him. The skills of reading and writing created a bureaucracy that organized people into the state. The printing press created books that freed people from slavery.

The main instrument of cognition

By themselves, speech and writing are not sciences but instruments of communication and cognition. Similarly, virtual literacy is not one of the written sciences, but is new an instrument of communication and cognition.

Literacy changes professions

In ancient times, to be a military, orator, judge, barker or herald, one did not need to learn written literacy. Later, having learned to read and write, the people of these professions changed them to such an extent, that began to engage in a completely different matter.

Museums of books

The modern crisis of libraries is caused by the emergence and development of a new virtual information system of mankind. Libraries cease to be the main repositories of human knowledge and are inferior this role by the Internet.

Scribes in eastern bazaar

In ancient times scribes on eastern bazaars wrote letters for their illiterate fellow citizens, today web studios make websites for employees of organizations and enterprises that do not know virtual literacy.

Virtual scientific devices for experiments

A modern school for to studying written sciences, has long needed virtual instruments. But this should not just be virtual copies of real devices, because the main goal of their creation is not so much learning in written sciences as training future creators of virtual science.

Virtual grandfather for playing with little grandsons

A computer game for children 3-5 years old, in which instead of a mouse, joystick and keyboard to communicate with a computer, LEGO blocks are used. The game also responds to the behavior of the child and his voice.

  Assembling rhombuses from blocks LEGO
  Table with one thick leg by middle
  Desk from vertically placed blocks LEGO
  Table with four legs from blocks LEGO
  Animals from LEGO blocks
  Hut of Baba-Yaga on chicken legs
Globe of Virtual World

Small details close-up, is how a people sees the Virtual World created on the Internet, on his computer. To see its continents and countries, villages and cities, a person needs a globe and maps of the Virtual World.

Padishah Gosha and king Yasha

If there is a population in some territory, then will necessarily appear rulers who will imperceptibly turn all these people into their subjects, and it will be a long time before people organize a revolution and despots are overthrown.

Google and Yandex as interlocutors
  • Speak more slowly, the blonde is talking to you.
  • Ask uncomplicated questions, the small child answers you.
  • Compose simple and short queries, they are processed by the search robot.
User's desktop

A human needs tools and skills for any job. A computer is not a tool, but a place to work. Unfortunately, this is not understood by most users.

Personal virtual textbook schoolboy

Modern computers and the Internet allow creating virtual textbooks by all school subjects, that can adapt to the abilities and knowledge of each particular schoolboy.

Yandex College

Training not only written literacy, but also virtual literacy will give a person huge advantages for creative activity in the virtual world. The first to open such educational institutions today can be large companies.

Mongolian brothel in Paris

It's silly to waste time promoting a bad website, no promotion will not improve it in the eyes of the user. Any website can be raise to the TOP of the search engines, but only the content and design of the website can withhold the user on the website.

Virtual property

The current conditions for acquiring virtual property allow anyone wishing to become the owner of small section of the virtual information space, having spent only their time and work on this.

Virtual slavery

The slave differs from the worker in that he receives payment for his labor at the whim of his master, and the worker under contract with the employer. Virtual slave, in contrast to the ancient Greek slave, his master does not pay anything at all. And the slave himself, and everything that he created, belongs to his master - the slaveholder.

Examples of usefulness of virtual literacy

The usefulness of virtual literacy, like any other literacy, for illiterate people is not at all obvious. "Our fathers and grandfathers lived without books, and we will somehow live without them" - this is the eternal phrase of idlers. Therefore today, like a hundred years ago, the lazy majority requires proofs, that literacy will be very useful even in their dull life.

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