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Private property in Virtual World

or why today every person who thinks about future must have his own websites

Private property is of two types:

  • in one case, wealth is extracted from the earth
  • in the other is created in the production

In the first case these are farms, plots and mines. In the second these are offices, factories and plants. Alas, but all private property in the world a long has owners, and buy hers from them is very expensive for the average person.

Cheap can only buy something, that nobody no need. But if know in advance, that soon this will be enjoy in great demand, then this is the most real chance to become fabulously rich.

Until the end of the 19th century, the land on the Yukon was not needed by anyone and do not worth anything. Anyone could stake out a piece of land in the Klondike river basin. But a few years later, in these places began a gold rush, and on each piece of land the prospectors to become to extract kilos of gold. Since then the Klondike has become a symbol of the opportunity to get rich for poor but hardworking people.

To become a contemporary gold digger do not need to be big, strong and bearded, and months to dig a frozen ground in the Far North of Canada.

Today, the Klondike is a Virtual Information Space!

And although the Virtual Space is perceived by most people as some abstraction, something imaginary and non-existent, in fact Virtual Information Space is no less real than the space on the surface of the Earth.

Everything in this world is determined by the person's point of view, not by the real state of things. For the inhabitants of Ancient Athens, the land in neighboring Boeotia or Sparta had no value and cost nothing. In those times citizens of Athens perceived the land as property, only if she was in Attica, in the vicinity of them favorite city. The contemporary Athenians are ready to pay a big money for a plot of land in Boeotia.

The Virtual Information Space is formed only by the pages of the websites. Except for them, there, is nothing more there.

Websites is the ownership, albeit virtual, but this does not change her essence, because the websites have a price and can bring income to their owners.

Today, the most expensive are Google, Facebook and them similar virtual factories, manufacturing peculiar product - virtual services. Factories at all times to cost very expensive, but neither factory will not exist forever, and even simply a long.

Where, for example, the plants of the American auto giant Studebaker, which else not so long ago, during the Second World War, only for the Red Army (by lend-lease), did 100 thousand trucks.

Where the search engine AltaVista, undividedly dominating in the virtual space at the dawn of the Internet.

Disappeared and the famous Compaq, which still in the beginning of this century it was the largest producer of personal computers, ahead of the three nearest competitors combined.

Without leaving a trace disappeared and thousands of artisan workshops of Ancient Rome. The land same in Italy still remains very coveted and profitable property.

Only the ownership of a piece of land will always bring income and have a high cost.

Land rent is an income, which depends little on the mind and activities of the owner.

Similarly, and in the virtual space, the guaranteed income gives, only the possession of part of this space, that is, possession of the site.

For example: the history of the city of Uryupinsk, supplemented by photographs of its streets, houses and surrounding landscape, and there is such a website, which will be, let and not very big, and not very expensive, but eternal part of virtual territory, providing of its owner, small, but stable and very real, virtual ground rent.

The very best times of virtual gold rush are already behind, now going, simply the best. Those, who want to have time, it is time to start to hurry up, till else can, relatively cheaply, to stake out their portion of the Virtual World.

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