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Operating system of human

If only a text editor is installed on the computer, then such a computer can only be used as a typewriter, with an automatic error correction system. If only a graphics editor is installed on the computer, its can use only to process photos and draw pictures. That is, the computer can only do what, it has been taught, by loading one or another program in it memory.

If nothing was downloaded to the computer's memory, then regardless of the speed of its CPU, the efficiency of the computer is zero.

Similarly is arranged and the brain of the human, if it is not burdened with knowledge, then its effectiveness is extremely small. Moreover, as in the case of a computer, if in the memory of human only has carpenter's skills, then he can not work as a baker. To do something a human must learn this. Our brain, in itself, knows only, how to service the physiological needs of our body.

If the child was brought up in infancy by animals, he will never become a full-fledged person. In his a brain was loaded other program of basic behavioral skills, or, in modern terms, another operating system. And completely replace her with program of human behavior is impossible, because, unlike a computer, completely erase a from memory of person without damaging his brain nothing is not possible.

In Mowgli's memory, the seat reserved for the operating system of the person is occupied by the operating system of the animal, and the human program can only occupy that part of the memory that has remained free. That is, the entire program can not fit there. That's why, Mowgli will never be completely human.

Parents load the operating system of the person in memory a child in the first years of his life. Unfortunately, different parents doing this with different diligence, and they have very different versions, so important for a future of the child, of the operating system. Everything is not from food, everything from upbringing!

Naturally, in addition to the operating system, it is very important what other work programs are loaded in the memory of a person, while he grows up, studies at school and at the college. In contrast to the place for the operating system, for such programs, the memory of a person is almost unlimited. But on a way loading, of useful knowledge, is worth a major flaw in a operating system of the human, laid in his childhood by his parents - human laziness. Therefore, most people are striving not to knowledge, but for idleness and entertainment.

Laziness in acquiring knowledge, and by no means the vagaries of nature, is the main reason for the existing differences in the intellectual abilities of modern people.

Human - is only that, which he knows !

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