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Announcements of the seventh cycle of lectures on the foundations of virtual literacy

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Website cannot be bought, it can only be done
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Introduction to virtual cartography

In our galaxy, 150 billion stars! And if believe that each of us is born under his own star, that is from which to choose. But get to these stars, until can not none of the people.

Access time is the most important, that limits or causes a person's interest to everything, in the surrounding world.

In the Virtual World, the access time is so small, what in general does not matter at all. To the most remote place in the virtual world can be reached much faster, than to the closest place in the real world.

Today the main problem of virtual travel is not time and distance, but the complete absence of topographic maps, there is not even the itself elementary virtual of globe. Without a globe in any way it is impossible. Let even and on three elephants, but should be the overall picture of the Virtual World. Otherwise just not very clear, whither in these places at all, can be reached.

The information, the Commerce, the News, this is already a known continents in the Virtual World. All websites are on one of them, except, of course, those, that fall into the "Land of Fools", but about them a conversation special, not having, relationships to virtual cartography.

Countries in the virtual, in the same way as the real world, this is isolated territories, that have their own culture, architecture, customs and traditions.

All websites about mountain hikes these are one country. All websites a lovers of pets these are another country. At that, oral and written languages, age and even gender, almost do not matter. The only thing, that matters, this is common interests, or so-called sectoral principle of unity. For a firefighter from Russia is easier to understand the firefighter of New Zealand, than a neighbor behind a wall, but an accountant.

A website for motorists communicates with their users in a different language, than website of a philatelists, gatherers of postage stamps. The real language of the website is not Russian or English, but a virtual dialect of him users. Exactly as well, as all the nations on earth understand a common for all a sign language, but speak different languages, all users know their native spoken and written languages, but on the website they receive information in the dialect of the virtual country that owns this website.

In the Virtual World it is impossible to arrive to Virtual China and to build there a hut instead of a pagoda. Only pagodas adorn Virtual China. Owners, of all other buildings vain will wait on a visit the real Chinese. Virtual Chinaman will never enter into a building, not similar to the weather.

If a website, that was created for tourists, will not be similar to other a tourist websites. Him owners wasted their time and money, none of the tourists will not want to visit such a website.

In life of humanity, everything repeats itself. Four thousand years ago, young scrivener, for the illiterate, using a template, scribblers signboard for the bazaar. Today, young programmers, for the illiterate, by template, make websites. But a website, made by template (in jargon this is called on the engine) will never become an adornment of one of the countries of the Virtual World.

Must not make websites, for all countries of the Virtual World, using one the same template.

In a dry rocky desert, for the house does not need a foundation, but in the permafrost, it already the main part in the throughout a structure of the building.

The roof, in the same desert, protect the house from the sun, and in England from the rain.

Creating a website should start with compilation the list attractions of a virtual country to which it will belong. That is, exploring all the best websites the its industry, including and websites in other languages. Only this is way it will be possible to learn the features of the design and creation of websites, which have already become standards in this part of the Virtual World.

Lectures on topic of this announcement
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