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Evolution of information systems of humanity

(or how life of humanity changes with change of dominant information system)

What is happening the last 30 years on planet Earth? Just technical progress in the field of computer technology, or one of those epochal and rare events, that completely change humanity, and such events, before that, there were only two.

The first time, it happened when humanity beginning to master the speech, before that, people, like and the other primates, communicated using facial expressions and gestures.

The second time, it happened when humanity began to learn how to write and read. What gave him the opportunity to transmit thoughts and knowledge in time and space. Speech did not give such possibility. To shout from Europe to Asia is useless, far, no one will hear. Even more useless, scream to descendants, they have not yet been born.

While people could only gesticulate, looking each other in the eyes, their society was limited the one family.

Learning to speak, the human could already turn to a large crowd of fellow tribesmen, which allowed to unite several families in one camp. The largest, of such camps, were called city-states or on Ancient Greek is Polis.

And although ancient tried very hard and shouted very loudly. But no matter how screaming in Ancient Athens, neighboring Thebes is already another state., and its inhabitants will not fulfill the decisions of the Athenian Ecclesia. Of course, one can send to the neighbors an ambassador, and if he takes a large army with him and defeats them in battle, then the neighbors will be compelled listen to him, and even obey his orders.

After the victory in the Peloponnesian War, so, for example, did, the Spartans. But even these, the most formidable warriors of antiquity, did not have enough strength to put their garrisons in each of the hundreds of cities of Hellas, and force the local inhabitants to submit to the will of the Spartan kings and ephors. The mighty Sparta enfeeble, trying to subdue Greece, and was soon defeated by Thebes.

But behold, the little Rome, not even the city at all, just a small village surrounded by palisade, was able to conquer almost the whole of the then Peace. Since instead of speeches the Romans began to use writing. Instead of oral orders began to use the laws, written down on paper.

Rome began to conclude with the defeated neighbors written treaties, and on the basis of these treaties, created the Roman law. Roman law not less, than the Roman legions, was the cause of the great conquests of Ancient Rome.

Humanity and now lives, observing a significant part of the ancient Roman laws.

This is just one example, when the dominant way of sharing information between people, in fundamentally changes attitudes in human society. In reality, the dominant information system completely defines all aspects of life and activity of humanity.

The life of people, who know how only to exchange gestures is not at all like the life of people, who can speak. And the life of people, who know how write and read, is very different from life of people, who can only talk.

Life of people will change not less radically, when they learn to exchange information in the Virtual Space.

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