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Having barely appeared, each new information system of humanity, begins to destroy the education system created by the old information system.

To preserve the very foundation of the existence of humanity - the system of teaching children knowledge's, it is necessary to begin the transformation of the old, written school, into the new school of the digital age. And need to start with the replacement of the main achievement of written system in school education - a written textbook.

During the dominance of oral school, a sole textbook for disciple was narrative by teacher. This was quite enough if your classmate is Sashka Macedonian, and the teacher Aristotle Nikomakhovich Stagirit. But so lucky only two dozen Macedonian boys, at the all other disciples had teachers of very mediocre quality.

In an oral school, the dissemination of knowledge is hampered by two eternal problems of pedagogy, and bad disciples and bad teachers.

The writing has allowed to significantly reduce the severity of the problem of a bad teacher, as gave an opportunity for the best teachers to write a good textbook equally accessible to all disciples. And truly thirsty for knowledges, disciple got the opportunity, if not to listen, then at least read the thoughts of a good teacher.

A new, virtual information system, that is being born today on personal computers and the Internet, allows to solve and the second problem of pedagogy - problem of bad disciple.

All the schoolchildren plays computer games, and irrespective of their success in studies, in a computer games they have equally high results. Such is the nature of computer games:

  • Advance to the next level in a computer game is possible, only after passing the previous one.
  • Each player passes each level in their own way, the game even adapts under him. But before letting the player go to the next level, game will necessarily require from him, so that he bought all the necessary skills and fulfilled all the mandatory jobs at the current level.

Pedagogical science claims, what is best, the child learns in the game, and the best appraisal is a recognized victory. That is why in computer games all reach the last level, simply one faster, others slower.

A virtual textbook should be created on the basis of the same principles as modern computer games. As a result, each disciple will receive not common to all, but specially created for him a textbook. This ensures, that the required minimum of knowledge by each school subject, will be explored and understood by all pupils only a excellently grades. Because the virtual textbook, as well, as and the very best tutor, will monitor, how a each particular disciple perceives the learning material, and, if necessary, will change the method of presentation of educational material to help the disciple understand it better.

Humanity already today can create the first such textbooks. But must to hurry, while on Earth there are still educated people who will be able to create them (in childhood they else read books). The last three generations of schoolchildren do not read books, and computer else does not teach them anything, but only entertains.

Without virtual textbooks, humanity risks plunging into the darkness of ignorance, as it already was, when to replace the Great Antique Culture, came the dark era of the Middle Ages.

Computers and the Internet, which became gravediggers of written culture, at the same time are a means to create a new school, from which will grow and a new culture. And the question is only whether, will it be tomorrow, or, like and last time, after a thousand years.

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