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Examples of use of a virtual literacy

(those, who can not read, look picture books)

The first written information, the human informed to the another human in the rock paintings.

The first virtual information, the human informed to another human in computer games.

The written system it took a thousands of years, to convince humanity, that written literacy training will be useful to him in real life. And now parents, hardly having taught the child to speak, start to teach him to draw primitive pictures.

Let us show that virtual literacy can also be useful in real life.

At the beginning one important remark.

For the rock paintings, human chose the theme of hunting, in this, at that time, all primitive people well versed.

Now, this condition is met only by a consumer goods, the only thing, in what all modern people are well versed, after all each of us is a buyer, everything, that we earn, we everything and spend.

The following are examples, obtained with the assistance of the MAS. This is the special items of virtual literacy, which in the notions and terms of the written system, very tentatively, can called the virtual matrices for the writing and reading the logical hieroglyphs. Or in abbreviated form is MAS, matrices of analysis and search.

The first example - homework of Maria Batusova, made by her during the educational sessions, by the topic: "MAS of the 1st type".

At first, Maria needed to find a problem, that students face every day in the kitchen.

Maria made up a matrix of analysis and search, and that's, what she has turned out:

In the morning, preparing breakfast, and reheating on a frying pan the three spoonfuls of buckwheat porridge, every second student, on the this same frying pan, else wants to cook the fried egg. But together with the egg, becomes inconvenient to stir slowly the porridge.

More another matrix of analysis and search, and Maria got a solution:

It is necessary to divide the frying pan into three parts, for by what to use the three-beam dividing insert. Having such a dividing insert, it is possible on one frying pan, is also convenient, as on three different ones, to make fried eggs, preheat buckwheat porridge, and else even to make pancakes.

The second example - from the teacher of Maria. Example a little more complicated, MAS were used not only of the 1st, but also of the 2nd type.

For the teacher of Maria has became need a assistant. A cyber-toy that would replace grandfather for grandchildren's, when his not with them near. As and with grandfather together, the grandsons must play with the LEGO blocks, and all this time, someone wise and kind should to support a dialog with the them.

MAS found following solution:

The grandson plays with LEGO blocks, instead of the grandfather, the computer plays with the grandson.

In one (out of many hundreds) game episodes, the grandson with Winnie-the-Pooh goes to Piglet to visit. On the way, they stumble upon a river. To cross to the other shore they will have to build a bridge.

The grandson builds a bridge out the LEGO blocks, and Winnie-the-Pooh asks him leading questions. Course of construction is displayed on the screen, and as soon as it will be finished, occurs, a magic transformation the LEGO blocks into a fairy-tale bridge.

The all actions of the grandson. And time, how long he does nothing. And cubes, that he uses. Are becoming cause reaction of Winnie the Pooh. He, relevant manner, speaks, moves and builds grimaces.

The purpose of the episode to teach the grandson:

  1. to construct a bridge from one bank of the river to the other;
  2. to put an intermediate support of the bridge in the middle of the river;
  3. do the rungs for the lifting to the bridge;
  4. to put a railing on the bridge so that the bear does not fall into the river;
  5. to place in the shade a tree stump, for rest the tired bear cub;

In the first example, the virtual literacy is only a tool for marketing. In the second, besides, she yet offers an example of creating a virtual teacher.

And such a patient and attentive teacher will never meet in real life of a little child!

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