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Announcements of the sixth cycle of lectures on the foundations of virtual literacy

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A century and a half ago, when the existing system of school education was established, the volume of all scientific knowledge of mankind exceeded school knowledge by only twenty times. Today scientific knowledge already exceeds school knowledge in two billion times.

Nevertheless, for all this time, school knowledge has undergone very minor changes. In the field of theory, less than in twice, in descriptions of facts and examples a little more than twice.

Education of literacy schoolboy and in the 21st century, this is as before, only teaching to listen and speak, read and write. Although it would seem obvious, that literacy is the possession of all information systems known to humanity, all the skills and tools of communication and obtaining information.

"Something is wrong at a schools, in our Danish kingdom". At lessons is as before reading and writing, and in real life long ago the Internet. And to sit on these the two chairs in schoolchildren alas, is not obtained, from that and gaps in their knowledge, and emptiness in souls and heads.

Humanity, already really it is time, to do something with it, before it is too late. After all, tomorrow, already all adults, in the past will be today's schoolchildren.

Below is suggested one of the ways to solve this problem, and let it not be an option for the whole country at once, but at least an example, and a possible solution for those areas of the economy where it is vital not to be last in the world.

And since these proposals are published on the Internet, they will present in the form of an essay on the topic "What would I do if I were director of Yandex." Of course, Yandex is named here, only as an example. These ideas will suit any large company that needs young employees capable of independent activity and creativity, and the place of work of which is the computer and the Internet.

To teach the basics of virtual creativity of graduates of school, already almost adult people, is much more difficult than first-formers. But very small children need not only to teach, but also and bring up, therefore for study it is best to recruit adolescents. Especially since within the existing education system, after finishing the 9th class, they can continue their studies in college, and not just in high school.

So, at the first stage, Yandex creates its own college and gaining gifted children from across the country.

The specialties chosen for this college should allow at least half of the study time, study virtual literacy, and those of computer programs that are needed to create virtual rather than written content. This will allow students to develop the abilities for creative activities, using the tools of a new - virtual information system.

Because the skills of using writing for scientific and artistic creativity, they, like the rest of their peers, have lost forever. Now they can only of receive information on the Internet, but they do not know how to create it. 100 years ago it was tantamount to the ability to read, without the ability to write. 10 thousand years ago, the ability to listen, without the ability to speak.

For the development abilities for creativity, the skill create your own information is much more important, the skill to perceive someone else's. Without the skill to create your own information, the skill to imitate others and copy of someone else information, it's just only skills of plagiarism.

In the second stage, the best graduates of the college start working in Yandex, and continue studies in University of Yandex. Half-day in University, half-day on work.

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Why Google and Yandex are not new way of finding knowledge Ineffective operation and typical user errors
When humanity begins to understand, that new information system has appeared New storage and new way of finding knowledge
Crisis of written science and prospects for development of virtual science Ergonomics of the user's workplace
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